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Rubio says Census should ask legal status

U.S. Senate Marco Rubio told "FOX and Friends'' this morning that he supported a proposal by Lousiana Sen. David Vitter (yes, that David Vitter) that would add a citizenship question to U.S. Census forms.

"Not for purposes of deportation, but for census purposes,'' Rubio said. "They should not be counted towards the drawing of legislative seats or of congressional seats and here's why -- It's a voting rights issue. States that have more illegal immigrants are going to have more seats in Congress and therefore more votes in the Electoral College...It dilutes the voting rights of citizens and legal residents.''

Here's the glitch: Undocumented immigrants, already reluctant to fill out a government form, would be even less likely to acknowledge their illegal status. That means even fewer people would be counted, depriving the state of federal aid. So when those immigrants end up in the emergency room, who pays?

"The census determines the amount of funding that Florida gets for our schools, our public hospitals and so many important services that we provide on a daily basis,'' said Cheryl Little, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center. "Census results determine the amount of power and influence our states and districts will face...Rubio's message seems to be that only U.S. citizens lives count, yet immigrants in our community who aren't U.S. citizens pay taxes and contribute to our economy. Even undocumented workers pay taxes, at very least they pay sales taxes.''

More on Rubio's position on the Census is here.


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Newsflash, Mr. Rubio: Legal residents cannot vote.

Jim Shoela

Newsflash, Mr. Jag:

He didn't say Legal residents vote. He said "They should not be counted towards the drawing of legislative seats or of congressional seats."

It has nothing to do with voting. It is about fair representation.

And yes Ms. Little, Illegal Aliens do pay sales taxes when they make purchases but the amount of taxes contributed pales in comparison to the costs associated with Illegals. Just look to bankrupt California for that proof.


The Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center said the illegal immigrants give to the American economy. I would bet that they really give to the economies of other nations, while they contribute to our economy. Advocates of illegal immigrants tend to miss that Americans really care about illegal immigrants, they just don’t want to neglect Americans, which is what happens. American poor and the working class out of work are the ones who are hurting. All immigrants who want to become American citizens should honestly try to become American citizens first, if they can leave their families and culture back in their country. The United States is still the place to fulfill the American dream.

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