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Rubio says illegal immigrants shouldn't count in Census

This reporter left several messages for Marco Rubio today, eager to hear the U.S. Senate candidate who says he's campaigning on ideas explain his position on whether illegal immigrants should be counted in the U.S. Census. DIdn't hear back, but the campaign sent out this statement tonight:

When it comes to political apportionment, the Census should count legal American citizens only. Gov. Crist's position to include illegal immigrants in this count would dilute the voting power of every American citizen.  Moreover, it would actually incentivize politicians to perpetuate our broken immigration system by rewarding states with large illegal immigrant populations with a louder voice in Washington. The Governor's insatiable appetite to spend federal money has once again led him to embrace a policy that is not only wrong, but is damaging to Florida and  the rule of law.


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Most politicians want everyone living in the jurisdiction, even illegals, counted, since it makes the jurisdiction larger and thus eligible for more resources.

I suppose Rubio looks at it from a different perspective.

Maria Valeron

Every inhabitant (legal or illegal) uses federal and state resources which in some way are funded by formulas supported by census figures. The day that an illegal immigrant's child is refused the right to go to school or to go to the hospital in a life threatning emergency - that is the day they should not be counted in the Census.
Mr. Rubio - why don't you address the issue of the illfunded public school system. The fact that our Florida teachers are being asked to work for free. When was the last time you or anyone else in government worked for free?
When politicians start addressing issues that are real and that affect the people...then i'll start to listen.
I wish someone would run for any office that was not an attorney or a politician or had any personal or corporate agenda....anyone brave enough?




Mr. Rubio has no personal or corporate agenda other than upholding The Constitution and The Rule of Law. He bases his refresing and idealistic views on the important issues facing our Republic on what is RIGHT, not on what will be good for him or for any other "politically correct" intity. He answers to no one but his own integrity and ethics...he has been and will become a very outstanding, respected and effective leader!


Illegal immigration demonstrates something critical about conflicting goals. Some Americans want to support the illegal immigrants in America, while other Americans want to support Americans who are already legal citizens. Many citizens, of course, are naturalized (born here). The first priority (and I can demonstrate this on a moral basis) are Americans who are already legal citizens. The second priority is to seek federal money to support American citizens. That dollar amount of federal money obtained may be diluted, true. But, certainly and first, American citizens are not diluted. Dilution of American citizens means that they will be even less supported. At this time, they need support, i.e., our own poor and out of work. I suggest the song, "Money Does Not Buy You Love," does apply here. Marco Rubio will propose that illegal immigration not be counted in the census, which is morally correct.


Marco Rubio staffers commenting here are really being very loyal to Rubio despite the fact that he is showing that he is oblivious of government apportionment of resources being dependent on the accurate counts in the census. Pandering to the rightwing, racist opponents of immigrants may get marco some votes, but it also sure as heck will hurt all Floridians if we allow Marco to shortchange us for hid political gain.

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