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Rubio, 'the Republican Party's Barack Obama'

Today we bring you the latest conservative ode to Marco Rubio, this one from Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, who saw the rising U.S. Senate candidate address the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last week.

The nom de jour, if you somehow missed it, is Marco...All those other rising stars? So yesterday. Sarah? Scott who?

Full column here.


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A review of Rubio's political history of his votes and stances on previous issues shows that he DEFINITELY is NOT the conservative that he pretends to be in his attempts to win political support. He has frequently supported the special interests against the best interests of the public. The American people do NOT need this type of sonsumate politican who pretends to change with the shifting political winds. Rubio needs to explain the differences between what he has done politically versus what he now claims to support. We can't afford the old style of corrut politics.

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