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Sink loses key campaign advisor

Not a great sign for a campaign already facing widespread doubts about its strength and stability: Marc Alex-sink Farinella, general consultant to the Alex Sink gubernatorial campaign, has jumped ship. Campaign spokeswoman Kyra Jennings dismissed the significance of losing one the top strategists and advisers.

"Alex Sink for Governor has a very strong and growing team that is working to make sure Floridians know the kind of leadership Alex will bring as Governor to help create jobs and grow our economy, " she said.

UPDATE: Sink's new general consultant is Ken Morley, a partner at Hilltop Public Solutions, who managed the 2008 campaign of Gov. Jay Nixon in Missouri and Sen. Ben Cardin in Maryland in 2006.



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I see the Alex's ship is "sinking." Oh well, too bad, sooo sad...NOT!!!

Go McCollum!!!

David K

Get Bill McBride out of there, there is a reason he lost so badly.

Buy some hired guns Alex, we know you got the money.

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