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The 'natural move' by the Diaz-Balarts

Somewhere in Hialeah, former Mayor Raul Martinez is smiling.

Thursday's announcement by archenemy Lincoln Diaz-Balart that he's retiring from Congress has got to be the most delicious news Martinez has heard since they named city hall after him. Those who know the brash Democrat wouldn't put it past him to claim that he ran the Republican congressman out of his seat, even though Diaz-Balart crushed him by 16 percentage points.

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Roly Bolaños

I hope Raul stays in retirement. We know all he would do is bring more corruption to the already dirty D.C. Scene! But at least he can get me off the hook for my grand theft and violent crimes charges. Maybe Danny can get a job as his aide and he and my dad can share priviliges driving him around D.C.? At least we all get a good laugh at seeing him loose again!

lily Cano

Raul, please retire! Spare the rest of us Yóung Hialeahans from the embarassment of your past and future and all the things you will make us endure and suFfer! Go to the dominican Republic and loot and plunder from them! Stop stealing from your brotherin! You are evil to those who care for you and splendid to those who thrive from you. I. E. San pedro ( the only "friend" you really have beyond ur wife "angela" and your two boys!

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