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Yes, you did reach the Florida corruption hotline

Attorney General Bill McCollum was in Fort Lauderdale Monday urging people to report public corruption to a new statewide grand jury called for by Gov. Charlie Crist.

But people who called the hotline for public corruption -- 1-800-646-0444 -- might have been left scratching their heads.

Tuesday morning, hotline callers were greeted with this recording: "Hello, this is the phone mail system. The party you have called at extension 3474 is not available. You may leave a message..."

We sent an e-mail about the recording to McCollum's office to check if the number was right and didn't hear back.

But by Tuesday afternoon, the message had been changed: "Thank you for calling the Attorney General Bill McCollum's office of statewide prosecution public corruption hotline. Please leave a detailed message regarding your complaint and your contact information so we may review it. Thank you for calling and have a nice day."

Thanks for clearing that up, guys.

UPDATE: We did get a call from McCollum's office, saying the recording had been fixed.


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Jennifer Franklin-Prescott

Google: Lee County Corruption! The results are amazing. Corruption abounds at all levels including The Federal Judicial level where judges have been bribed by Lee County officials.

Watch the videos especially of property appraiser Alejo who perjured himself on tape.

Jennifer Franklin-Prescott

(landowner who had property conviscated by Lee County without Eminent Domain proceedings!)Being from England I find the corruption in Florida beyond anything I would have ever imajined!

Corruption Cowboy

Bill McCollum is one of the most corrupted people ever to breath air.Being the states top prosecuter,how come he never did anything about all the corruption?Because he was covering up the corruption for his friends.The people of this state must be dumber than a box of rocks not to see it.

Daytona Beach News

Nothing new for Florida. If you want to talk about corruption, check out the most corrupt city in Florida: Daytona Beach.

Over the recent past years, the City of Daytona Beach has suffered a systemic breakdown of the public trust as a result of rampant abuses by public officials to the service of a handful of wealthy political patrons. This unprecedented corruption has driven the city into a moral and economic breakdown. Help is needed, and immediate attention from State and Federal authorities is required to break up the good 'ol boy network grip on corrupt public officials.

Capone would have drooled over the power that today's "capos" have over the local politicians in Daytona Beach; a product of good ol' boy networks, campaign contributions and undue influences that propel unqualified individuals with a nasty predisposition for corruption into power. Their patrons exert total and absolute control over a city as if it was their private ranch and much to the detriment of its citizens.

Their control extends to the institutions that are tasked with the checks and balances to protect the public, and as a result they act with impunity.

They have reaped untold riches by getting their captive public officials plunder the public trust and finance everything from overpriced sales of real estate, privileged zoning deals, selective retaliatory zoning actions against their enemies, virtual immunity against criminal state laws, and, most galling, the funding of their personal pet projects and private indulgences. All courtesy of the taxpayers, which are unknowingly funding the largesse and who now must bear a gigantic burden that will take generations to pay off.

The worst kind of organized crime is organized crime under Color of Law.


My children were just "stolen" through a series of Fraudulent court orders, stemming from a custody case in Tennessee to LEE COUNTY FLORIDA. When I realized the orders were doctored I started obtaining the CD's of the hearings. Judge Joseph Smith and Judge Lynn Gerald of Lee County Florida are up to their eyeballs in corrupt behavior. I have been falsely arrested and accused and two little boys are now sitting in the home of an abuser. John shoemaker, attorney at law, and Lori clifford family law (yeah right) are involved. Jaden and Samuel, your mommy will NEVER stop fighting for you and exposing the system that STOLE you. HYPOCRITES and blind guides.


I want to add, the Judge in Tennessee is Judge Scott Rosenberg and the attorney is Martin Sir.
I was told my the judicial review board in Murfreesboro TN, it "did not matter if a judge signed an order opposite of what he said".
To all those involved, and this "father", CHILDREN ARE NOT POSSESSIONS! Your evil as hell.

Scott Goodyear

Judge Simpson is SCUM just as they all are here in Lee County. They are all related and **CK and **CK eachother.

Simpson can not even be understood in the courtroom as I heard of several people filing complaints on him and a many have had him recused. I filed a valid Injunction this week with proof of harm. It was DENIED for even a hearing by this SHAKEY MAN SIMPSON! He clearly cant read either.

Actually Simpson is just doing for his comarads of corruption, because Federal Indictments are going to coming down soon.. www.leecountyconspiracy.om


An investigation needs to be done on the internet stings being performed throughout the country because they are illegal and amount to nothing more than the creation of crime and entrapment. Manufacturing crime is a perfect way to cover-up corruption because the crime that is created appears to be legitimate as long as the media helps spread the lies of law enforcement. There was an FBI investigation over the bribery of legislators to approve the construction of the “Blackwater River Correctional Facility”. The prison was built even though prison populations were expected to shrink, I have not heard anything else about the investigation, and police are performing internet stings like it’s the only thing they can do in an effort to increase felon statistics to cover-up the bribes and justify the construction of a new prison that we did not need. I have emailed the FBI to try to get into contact with someone that could hear my complaint that would help with the investigation but have been unsuccessful. I believe this to be because the FBI are also performing illegal stings so they know exactly what I am talking about but are covering it up too. What are the citizens of this country supposed to do when the very people that are in charge of protecting us are actually using us to make the politicians rich who invest money into crime that does not exist so then they just create it? Visit the blogs at http://floridascandal.blogspot.com for supporting case law and other information proving these stings are illegal. Here is a link about the investigation: http://my.firedoglake.com/mt6112a/2011/06/23/fbi-investigates-blatant-corruption-in-florida/.

Enzo Vincenzi

$250,000. CASH REWARD for any Information Leading To The Arrest and Conviction of Lee County, Florida Public Corrupted Sheriff Mike Scott for engaging in a Horrendous Horrific Outrageous Orginzed Public Corruption Cover Up with Miriam Pacheco aka "La Madrina Miriam" who was IN FACT found Guilty and Liable of FRAUD by a Lee County Court Jury for more information about the $250,000. CASH REWARD visit www.enzovincenzi.com and www.leecountyconspiracy.net

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