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$134 barber bill was no haircut, Rubio says

Marco Rubio was on south Florida's WFTL radio this morning where for the first time he said the $133.75 tony hair salon charged on his state party credit card was not for a hair cut.

Q: What do you tip on a $134 haircut, Marco?

Rubio: "That’s not, that’s not even accurately reported, that’s not what that was. And, uh, unfortunately as I said, it’s been misrepresented, misreported. In some respects, in key aspects of it that have been left out.  But look, that was a card secured in the corporate division under my personal credit. If you read the policies of American Express, it clearly says that uh if personal expenses get on there you have to pay them. Those are charge cards, not credit cards.  You’ve got to pay it at the end of every month, which we did, and I paid for it out of my own pocket, all of it. So those are just charges that appeared on the statement, doesn’t mean the party paid for it, in fact the official state documents show that the party didn’t pay for it, and I wish that had been highlighted more prominently by the Miami Herald and others who covered the story. But, you know I think their job is to kind of write the story the most, uh, attention grabbing way possible. I get that. It’s uh, it’s unfortunately part of politics. We deal with it and move on. You know this is an election about a country that owes trillions of dollars, a lot of it to foreign debt holders, I doubt this election is going to turn on some $138 charge on my personal credit.

Q: Well uh, but you didn’t answer my question, what do you tip on a haircut that expensive? 

Rubio: But uh, I’ve never had one, I’ve never had one that expensive, so I can’t tell you. 

Q: So you did not get a haircut that expensive? That’s what you’re saying?

Rubio: No, that’s not what that was, that was a bunch of other stuff that was for a silent auction and all of that. We paid for that out of my own pocket, we were just charged there on the charge card, but you’ve got to come back and pay for it at the end of the month. So, but like I said, the bigger issues of this campaign, and that’s what we’re focused on.

Rubio has declined to itemize personal expenses for which he reimbursed the state party. And Rubio's credit card statements show that, in fact, he did not always pay off the bills every month. There was at least one six month period when he did not pay, and the party picked up his late fees several times.


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roberto escarpenter

rubio paid it off
here is a real story for you Beth

where were you when you failed to report how democrat wasserman schultz backed mario diaz balart against joe garcia and would be
sen. meek did the same after joe garcia the democratic chairman for Miami Dade
held fund raisers for them on countless occasions with the Cuban community mostly Republicans.

instead of pointing out that mario never brings home the bacon to his district and is just another red -baiter like David Rivera

you folks at the herald backed diaz balart

when many years ago many in the Cuban community were tired of patronizing and offensive attacks by the Herald
Jorge Mas Canosa led a advertizing blitz against the Herald as was his right and the vast majority of the Cuban Amer. community backed him!

The man behind the bus add was Joe Garcia
and at the Herald
it was pay back time.

well my favorite biased journalists, now that healthcare will be to the wire in the House .....How are Mario Lincoln and Iliana voting ....You're real geniuses


This story is so boring. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Saint Petersblog

@charliecristfl blasts @marcorubio over not Meeting the Press.



What kind of socks does Crist use? How much does Crist's socks cost? Aren't there less expensive socks? How does that square with those who can't afford socks during this economic downturn?

See? I'm not even an "edjumakated jornaillist" and I can come up with politically biased interview questions that have nothing to do with *anything*, other than to (desperately) try to play "gotcha".

If the Herald Staff *STILL* doesn't understand: Look out - your patent political bias is exposed when you report on some inconsequential purchase a politician makes WITH HIS OWN PERSONAL MONEY.

What are you Herald reporters? Olberman wannabees?

Rubio Needs to Apologize

Don't tell me Marco had a manicure and a pedicure.

These are often obtained at Churchills.

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