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Alex Sink's less-than ringing endorsement of health care vote

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the leading Democratic candidate for governor who has tried to avoid  being drawn into the partisan battle over health care, said of thevote in the U.S. House:

Like so many Floridians, I was frustrated and appalled that Republicans and Democrats in Congress took something as important and personal as health care and turned it into a partisan circus. The delays, the misinformation and the lack of bi-partisanship in Congress are a disservice to the people of Florida. Throughout this debate, I've always said that our state and our country need health care reform. Insurance companies must be held accountable so they no longer deny coverage to Floridians with pre-existing conditions.  Health insurance must be more accessible and affordable for small businesses and their employees.  We must close the Medicare prescription-drug 'doughnut hole.'  Any expansion of Florida's Medicaid program must not overburden our state. And private health insurance must remain the foundation of our health care system. Though it is certainly not perfect, these long-overdue reforms are better than Washington continuing to do nothing to improve America's health care system.


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Dianna McCullough

Alex Sink said this very well and it's in the line of Ted Kennedy: pass and amend if need be, but do something about healthcare!

Helen Featherston

PLEASE Alex Sink....STOP McCullum from this "lawsuit" he's trying to pull against this bill!! He's wasting OUR money.


Alex please dig your heels in and not let McCollum waste my tax dollars on the BS suit.... Is this guy that really out of touch with the financial situation of the state of Florida, what a self-centered selfish jellyfish, Alex I'm a registered Republican voter who is embarrassed by the antics of the Republican House and Senate during the Health Care debate.... I will be Voting for Alex Sink..Democrat

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