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Allen Boyd to vote yes on health care, Dems claim the big mo

Panhandle Democrat Allen Boyd -- who had voted against the health care bill in November -- says now he's a "yes" -- delivering a huge boost to Democrats garnering votes in anticipation of a Sunday vote.

"This bill is not perfect, but I believe it meets these four principles of responsible reform by providing the largest middle class tax credits for healthcare in our nation’s history and preserving a patient’s ability to choose their own doctor," Boyd said.

Republicans rapidly charged that it appeared Boyd had "decided to buckle under political pressure and vote according to his party bosses in Washington.

"Unfortunately, Boyd has decided to vote against his constituents this time, but he can be sure they will return the favor when they go to the polls this November," said Sara Sendek, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.


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So Long Sucker

I live in North Florida. Until today, I liked Allen Boyd. After he agreed to vote for this giant steaming pile of federal crap, I will do everything in my power to make sure he gets defeated in the fall.


Allen had to decide whether he was a DINO or an actual member of the Democratic Party. He is so far ahead of Al Lawson in the Dem primary (and the troop of no-name Republicans trying to run against him) that his re-election is a certainty. The Blue Dogs face being neutered or left at the animal shelter if they fail to finally vote for this very watered down bill.


I am not surprised by this vote. Allen Boyd is gunning for a job in the administration. I am supporting a conservative in that race, Eddie Hendry. Eddie is a common sense conservative and has the grassroots support to defeat Boyd in November.


I showed a picture of Allen Boyd to my children and told them that is what a lying thug looks like.


Thank you Allen Boyd for the courage to stand up for America!


"SEN. TOM COBURN (R), OKLAHOMA: I want to send a couple of messages to my colleagues in the House.

If you voted no and you vote yes, and you lose your election, and you think any nomination to a federal position isn't going to be held in the Senate, I've got news for you. It's going to be held.

Number two is, if you get a deal, a parochial deal for you or your district, I've already instructed my staff and the staff of seven other senators that we will look at every appropriations bill, at every level, at every instance, and we will outline it by district, and we will associate that with the buying of your vote. So, if you think you can cut a deal now, and it not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that isn't going to happen. And be prepared to defend selling your vote in the House."

THIS is what a statesman sounds like and acts like.


Could it be that Boyd's constituents don't realize that to continue to allow HMOs to be unregulated might cost them their lives? 100s of thousands of Americans are denied coverage on "pre-existing" conditions even though they actually have been paying their premiums. In teeny print the HMOs point out they don't have to pay for ANY illness that existed before they started their health care plan... HMOs say if you had diabetes as a baby, they don't have to cover it. Then they say almost everything wrong with you was pre-existing... yet they took your $$. Then they spend $100s millions to lobby Congress to defeat health insurance regulation.


All I have to say to Alan Boyd is "Bye Bye"! You are a disgrace to North Florida democrats. You always have been an arrogant person and I hope and pray this is the final blow to your political career. I saw it all at you lame town hall meetings. I don't care who runs against you they have my support and vote.


To Allen Boyd: You can still vote "NO." Do what is right and vote "NO." My patients are devastated by what may be if this health care bill passes. Have you even considered how many Florida physicians will just quit practicing and is Florida prepared for a worsening of an already doctor shortage? Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not medical doctors! Dr. Kreifels MD


We live in Miramar Beach and voted for Mr. Boyd in 2008 because he is/was a fiscal conservative. Well Mr. Boyd, here are 2 Democrat and 1 republican votes you got last time, that you won't get this time if you vote for this Trillion Dollar Boondoggle.


Here is 2 more votes you will not get Boyd.. There will be others.


Alan you are a turncoat. I have voted for you for decades. Never again. Your former neighbors from Monticello are right about you. I should have listened to them earlier.

Patrick Higgins

I really wonder what the payoff was. It probably is a fat cat sinecure in the Pentagon. Better yet, in the Department of Agriculture. There is probably a full time position there overseeing the millions in subsidies going to his family farm.

Come November - Anyone But Boyd!

Willis Parrish

This is a disgrace...I have always voted for this man but never again....what kind of back room dirty deal did ya get, Alan? How can you ever show your face in North Florida again? It's all about the pay off, isn't it? It's all about WHAT'S GOOD FOR ALAN BOYD and to hell with the people you SUPPOSEDLY represent? YOU ARE IN IT FOR YOURSELF...I bet that was some kind of good deal you got! So where are you and Nancy going for your celebratory vacation in her big shiny jet? DO US A FAVOR, make it a ONE WAY TICKET!! We don't want to see you around here anymore!

M E Brooks

I'm going to personally buy $1000 in Road Signage in Panama City, FL declaring Allen Boyd to be a Traitorous Socialist. There will be hell to pay.


Do you know this snake also gets farm subsidies its all legal of course. but we are paying .He'll still keep his congressional health care for sure.


I also live in Mirimar and here is 3 more votes you will not be getting. He spent 1 and 1/2 million of stim dollars on closing a entrance to Tops-l park it had already been closed off earlier after tax payers paid another 1 1/2 million. No jobs no work rthe trees covered it over for free. 3 million wasted. Fox Channel number 47 stimulus wastes 101

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