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Aren't they popularity contests anyway?

Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho might have to do a little more politickin' if Rep. Eddy Gonazlez gets his way.

Gonzalez has filed legislation to make the dean of Miami-Dade's public school system an elected position. Same goes for any superintendent in counties with populations larger than 300,000.

“Since an elected Superintendent must reside in the district, they will be familiar with the community they will be serving,”  Gonzalez, a Republican from Hialeah, said in a press release. “An elected Superintendent will be under the watchful eye of the citizens and, therefore, will better serve the students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools while working together with the School Board, county leaders, staff, teachers, and the community

Right now, the superintendent is appointed by the schoolboard.

Carvalho wasn't immediately available for comment, but he and Gonzelez were seen together in January, touring Hialeah High, in an effort to try to make relations between Miami-Dade lawmakers and the school district a little more cozy.


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This is a lowhanded Republican attempt to politicize the Superintendent of schools position. Similarly, municipalities don't elect city managers for that very same reason.

Raymond Longaray

If it becomes an election position it will only bring more politics in to the system, the best candidates may not have the financial backing to get elected so they start owing favors.

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