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Bam! Guns-N-'doptions heading to gov

Another no shocker vote: The gun-loving Legislature just passed a ban on an adoption agency from asking prospective parents about whether they own firearms. The vote: 38-2 in the Senate, where Democrats Frederica Wilson and Ted Deutch dissented. The bill rocketed out of the House by a 112-0 vote earlier in the day. Deutch and Wilson are running for Congress in ultra-liberal districts. Deutch spoke against the fact that the state refuses to discriminate against gun owners but discriminates against gay couples, who are prohibited from adopting children in Florida.

Here's the story, which we first wrote about in November


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This article is yet another slobbering attempt by the left to demonize gun owners in Florida.

Thumbs up to the 38 who voted against this attack on the rights of lawful gun owners. The great state of FL prohibits manitaining a firearms database. Mr Deutch should know that and he should be ashamed of his arguement regarding the discrimination against gay couples being prohibited from adopting children and comparing that to NOT discriminating against gun owners. So, Mr Deutch, should we conclude from your comment that if one group is targeted so should another?

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