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Cannon lays out parameters for House's oil drilling bill

After concluding the House's final workshop on the exploration of oil and gas drilling off Florida coasts, Rep. Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, outlined three areas he expects the House bill to include when it is released in two weeks.

1. Preventing "any visual impact to our beaches'' that could "cause visual blight."

 2. Don't disrupt military activity. He said he wants to give the military “essentially veto power over any drilling activity.”

3. Recognizing improvements in technology, such as the opportunity to use directional drilling.  “Advancements in technology have resolved many of the concerns that were appropriately fears 20 years ago.”

Cannon also said he believes the bill should authorize the Governor and Cabinet, sitting as the Board of Trustees for the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, to develop the oil and gas permitting process.

Cannon said he plans to have a House bill emerge on week six of the eight-week session but is not concerned if it doesn't pass this year because he is prepared to come back next year “with even a better bill.” Senate President Jeff Atwater and Gov. Charlie Crist have both said they oppose opening Florida's coast to oil drilling in Florida waters.

“Whether or not it passes at the end of the day I’m less worried about because if we get the policy right, it won’t matter this year or next year,” Cannon said.


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Seth Platt

Politicians from Winter Park, FL (in the center of the state) have no business drafting legislation that affects coastal communities. Off shore oil drilling legislation proposed by Cannon and his buddy Mikey Haridopolos will have little impediments next year in the FL Legislature, when they assume their thrones of power. These two %$&!&$ will sell out Florida's greatest resource (our pristine coastline) to line their political coffers with oil lobbyist money from out of state. At a time when we should be moving toward sustainable renewable energy sources these idiots are moving backwards, compounding the Global Warming issue. Florida needs to address the lack of incentives and funding for renewables and not add to the cycle causing the problems. We don't need what little oil is off the coast of Florida or the mess that comes with it, we have a sustainable toiurist economy.


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