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Cannon likes Obama oil drilling plan but says state needs it on its own terms

Incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon told the Herald/Times today that he was encouraged by the President Obama's announcement that he supporst opening Florida's eastern gulf coast to offshore oil drilling but emphasized that it's up to the state to put pressure on the feds "to do right."

Cannon, who has shepherded a legislative effort to to open Florida's near shore to oil and gas exploration and drilling, wants to pass another resolution to Congress urging them to lift the ban and emphasize that Florida "wants to be at the table so we make sure Florida's interests are protected.''

He said the House bill, which has yet to emerge, will require that drilling rigs can't be seen from the beach, that the military have the ability to override any drilling request and that the highest environmental standards be required.

"To me it’s very important that we do communicate that we do want our fiar share of revenues that may be derived from drilling in federal waters off our coast,'' he said. "One way to do that is set high standards and technological standards in near shoer waters that oculd put pressure on the feds to make sure they do it right."

Cannon said the House will pass a bill this year but admits that it's an uphill fight to get it through the Senate, where Senate President Jeff Atwater has indicated he opposes it. Passage of legislation this year is "helpful but not essential."


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Incoming Florida Legislative leaders Cannon and Haridopolos want to give card blanche to oil industry to drill closer to Florida shorelines. Neither of their proposals provide adequate protections for our coast lines and beaches. 3 MILES IS TOO CLOSE. You can't even drill 3 miles off our shores, it is toooo shallow for rigs. These Wonks will have rigs diagonally drilling in our backyards disrupting our aquifers and and spoiling our pristine coastlines.
Obama has made his concession to cracked out conservatives jonesing for their next hit of sludge. It is time for state leaders to drop this ridiculous proposal that no Floridian supports. 3 Miles is not beyond the horizon line. Now that the East coast is opened up all the way down to Central Florida even the beaches close to Haridopolos could be on the table if their bills are passed. Once near-shore restrictions are dropped, citizens will have little say in where these rigs are placed. Haridopolos' bill allows for drilling anywhere local governments agree too, even within the 3 mile mark. I wonder what his constituents might think if they start placing rigs off the coast of Melbourne? Dean Cannon a Rep from Central Florida has no Business proposing legislation that will effect coastal communities. Coastal tourism's downfall would be a windfall to inland Central Florida tourist attractions in his area.
Kudos to Atwater for not being as short-sighted and greedy as these two. Both have received substantial contributions from the oil industry.

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