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Capitol gadly Brian Pitts gets served at Capitol

Capitol gadfly Brian Pitts got served in a House committee Wednesday. Not in the Urban Dictionary sense, but in the legal sense. The Capitol Police served "Justice2Jesus" with court papers ordering him to report to the Pinellas County jail. He's under fire from the Florida Supreme Court for practicing law without a license. He is appealing.

Pitts, a St. Petersburg native, avoided getting noticed of the recent ruling because the Pinellas County sheriff couldn't find him. But as session started, law enforcement officials knew where to find him. (We also might have -- inadvertently -- helped.) Capitol Police delivered the papers in House Insurance, Banking and Financial Affairs Policy Committee.

Pitts said the timing of the court decision is suspicious, considering he is the subject of a claims bill before the Legislature this year. In this way, he says, he is a witness. So the Supreme Court is guilty of tampering with a witness, he alleges.

His presence is being greeted with amusement (and loathing) by lawmakers, who we're fairly certain were looking forward to shorter committee meetings.