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Cato snipes at Crist's use of kudos without context

The fiscal conservative think tank, the Cato Institute, isn't happy that a politician is taking their report card out of context. We have no idea if they've trained their ire on other politicians when it has been done, but they sure are mad this time at Gov. Charlie Crist.

Seems as if the governor continues to cited the Cato’s 2008 Governors’ Report Card as evidence of his fiscal conservative credentials without mentioning that he didn't get the same kudos in 2009, when he supported tax increases. Crist has used this selective reasoning in radio ads, and did it again in his Fox News Sunday debate against Marco Rubio.

Cato blogger Chris Moody writes:

"Trouble is, the report card’s author, Chris Edwards, has gone on the record again and again explaining how Crist has fallen hard off the fiscal responsibility wagon since the report was released two years ago.

The Florida media has publicized Edwards’ correction of the record numerous times since Crist began citing the Cato rating in his political ads. It is difficult to believe that Crist can be unaware of that."


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This is very simple to understand - Governor Crist lies in his radio and television ads. That's it!

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