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Center stage: Rothstein's lawyer Marc Nurik the actor/lawyer

While Scott Rothstein was parading around town and his lawyer Marc Nurik insisted that he wasn't cooperating with the feds did you ever wonder if Nurik had a past as an actor?

Indeed he did. In a deposition today by Chuck Lichtman -- one of the lawyers handling the bankruptcy case -- Nurik said that he was an "off off Broadway producer" for several months after he worked as a District Attorney in Brooklyn early in his career.

In an interview after the deposition, Nurik said that he went to night school for acting while at the D.A.'s office. Then he moved to Florida and worked at a series of firms until he landed at Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler in 2007.

But Nurik has been able to reprise his acting career since taking on representing his former boss Rothstein. For months, Nurik has repeatedly told reporters with a straight face that Rothstein was not cooperating with the feds -- though no one believed him.

Turns out that Nurik was acting on orders from the feds while Rothstein helped authorities nail a suspected mafia man, Roberto Settineri, who was charged last week.

Rothstein convinced Settineri to tear up boxes of documents and launder $79,000 from Rothstein's investment scheme.

Nurik wouldn't comment about Settineri's case but Rothstein is hoping to get years shaved off his sentence for his cooperation when he faces sentencing May 6.