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Charlie Crist backs Bill McCollum's health challenge

In a sign of how political Attorney General Bill McCollum's healthcare challenge is, Charlie Crist just issued a statement of support -- from his Senate campaign office, not the governor's office. Crist, whose own Cover Florida healthcare plan has done little to dent the growing ranks of Florida's uninsured, says in his own statement:

“The Democrats refused to pass meaningful, bipartisan health care legislation with real solutions, and instead passed a bill that includes an extensive government overreach and intrusion into our citizens’ personal freedoms.

“That is why I fully support Attorney General Bill McCollum’s efforts to challenge the Constitutionality of a provision in the bill that mandates all Americans to purchase health insurance or face a fine.

“Any individual mandate of this kind from the federal government is unconstitutional, a direct attack on our essential personal liberties, and vastly increases the power of Washington bureaucrats that far exceeds the proper role of government.

“As I’ve stated before, once in the U.S. Senate, I will fight to repeal this government takeover of health care.”


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Um, Golly Gee Charlie I know you and Bill don't like to bog yourselves down with legal jargon or constitutional scholarship, but the only thing that is unconstitutional is the right of the states to challenge this legislation. McCollumn is wasting taxpayer money in an attempt to gain publicity during an election year to prop up his BORING Political Campaign for Governor. GOP FAIL, biggest bunch of sore loosers ever. Crist & McCollumn; obstructionists to Progress.

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