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Charlie Crist: I'll sign unemployment comp fix today

Gov. Charlie Crist said he'll sign a bill today to extend unemployment compensation benefits and borrow more money from the feds to do it all. More here on the legislation.

But first, the Legislature has to pass the measures to get it on Crist's desk.

"If it gets there, I sure will (sign it)," Crist just said. He said the measure is a must because, otherwise, "the burden on small business would be extraordinary. And we need to give them all the relief we can so they can hire more people and create more jobs."

Where will he sign?

"Wherever you want me to," Crist said.


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Well, the reality is that we are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren by "borrowing money"/increasing the State's deficit to subsidize the extension of unemployment compensatinos. as theowner of a small, Subchapter "S" corporation, I have to pay the unemployment taxes, but if I close my suiness or even go bankrupt, I cannot collect unemployment compensation; and now my taxes are to be raised to subsizie unemployment benefits for others? I'm sorry; but i've had all of the "subsidies" that I canpersonally afford to pay for others. Meanwhile, the CEOs and upper managment who have gotten wealthy or well off from the frauds fo the financial institutions, are still being allowed to keep their ill gotten gains. Enough is enough. Iemphasize with the others; but I cannot afford to continue to pay for the mistakes or misfortunes of others. We do not live in a socialist contry quite yet; we're close to that though.


Then, vote for Marco Rubio and stop blithering on the blogs about how 'questionable' he is.

Otherwise, 'pony up' and pay up!

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