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Charlie Crist rules out running as an independent, sort of

Chris Wallace asks Charlie Crist about the rumors he'll run as an independent and asks Crist whether he'll rule it out.

Crist says "I am running as a Republican..." but Wallace doesn't hear an outright denial and asks him again.

"That's right, that's what I said," Crist replies.

Marco Rubio closes with a plea to vote for the true conservative in the race: "Who do you trust to stand up to Barack Obama and be a true independent," he says.

Crist pivots back to the campaign spending and accuses Rubio of earning money as a lobbyist while serving in the House: "Whose interest was he really looking out for?" Crist says.

He says he took stimulus money "because he was looking out for the people of Florida." And questions whether the fact Rubio has yet to release his tax returns because "you are doctoring the books."

Moderator Chris Wallace -- who appears delighted at the fiery debate -- allows Rubio a retort: He calls it an "outrageous allegation" and says in a 40-minute debate "we've yet to hear a significant policy" proposal from Crist.