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Could a white candidate replace Meek in Congress?

32 One of the biggest issues in the race to succeed U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami is the size of the field  -- 10 Democratic contenders in all, about half of them Haitian-American. The crowd is likely to split up the vote, compounding the challenge of electing a Haitian-American.

Enter Scott Galvin, a white North Miami councilman who represents a predominantly black (and Haitian) city. Could the black and Haitian vote become so diluted that a white candidate could perserve? The district has always been represented by an African-American and by a Meek (Kendrick's mother, Carrie Meek was the first to represent the district when it was first drawn in 1992.)

Add that Galvin is openly gay and you've got a helluva interesting race.


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Galvin is solid, and has always supported the little guy, no matter who they were/are and no matter what their background. His record as a public servant is especially good - he actually cares. He also worked for Carrie Meek many years ago.

White, yes. Trusted and genuine in his desire to make the state and country better, yes. Take a look at the candidates and choose wisely.

South florida

Interesting how Media keeps race alive , a sign that we still want to keep color , and this case sex orientation, as important as a man character.


Interesting indeed. Scott is solid and very likable.

Saint Petersblog

Damaging questions raised over @kendrickmeek 's leadership of the Cong. Black Caucus Foundation.



Having known Scott for several years now, I've always found him to be extremely professional as a politician. He has always responded quickly to any questions and concerns and truly cares about the constituents. I will gladly vote for him and contribute what I can.

Ken Ahonen

Scott could be a terrific Congressman representing the Haitian-American, African-American, Hispanic American and Caucasian American communities just as well as he has done as a councilman for North Miami for so many years.

Adam Schwartzbaum

I have known Scott for over ten years, and as a North Miami resident, have always been impressed by his dedication to his job and commitment, not only to his constituents, but to the entire secret. It is no secret that he is easily the most effective councilman on the city council. I have little doubt that he would make a wonderful congressman.

Henriette Moed Roth

I have known Scott Galvin since he was in high school back in 1986, when he appeared before the North Miami Parks & Recreation Committee of which I was a member. I have followed his life choices since then with interest and, even though I am now a resident of Los Angeles, CA, I have just sent his campaign for Congress a small contribution because I think he's the right person for the job.

Cynthia Weems

I am proud to be Scott Galvin's pastor at the First United Methodist Church of Miami. He is one of the finest people I know and incredibly dedicated to the task of public service. I cannot imagine a finer person to represent our community in Washington.

Bill Barnes

I was Scott's pastor At First United Methodist in the 1980's. I echo Cynthia's comment. My only regret is that I live in Orlando and can't vote for him. But I would be very proud to have him serving in Congress and being a voice for ALL people.


Scott is a true public servant and an honorable man!

Ronald H. Rivers

I have known Mr. Scott Galvin since I moved to the city of N. Miami in 2003. He has demostrated alot of interest in city matters, like oppossing FPL in their venture. He will be a great asset in D.C to represent our city.

Larry Winebrenner

I never baby-sat for Scott Galvin, but I knew babysitters who did, for I've known him all his life. I was his Sunday School teacher, and now lead the discussion group at church in which his parents are members. I served as a Trustee of First United Methodist Church where Scott was and still is President of the Board of Trustees. Although I do not live in North Miami, I supported him when he ran for Councilman there. I will support him in this race because he is the best candidate in the race. Carrie Meek was a colleague of mine and she had nothing but praise for him when he worked with her. His experience in service with her while she was in Congress has given him insights and experiences that will serve him well as a Congressionsal Representative. It is my fondest hope he is elected.

Larry Winebrenner,
Retired United Methodist Clergy

Sara B. Leviten

I have known Scott Galvin for about 20 years, since I moved to North Miami. He will be a wonderful member of the U.S. Congress, because he's fair, honest and extremely helpful. He has helped me tremendously with condo problems, although I don't live in his district and only give very small contributions to his campaigns ($18). The man has tremendous integrity. In my opinion he's got to be one of the best elected officials in South Florida. I will miss him on the North Miami Council, but will be really happy that he'll be a member of Congress.

Thelma E. Craig

Scott Galvin is the best Councilman North Miami now has and ever had. I would support him for whatever political seat he runs. He is honest, hard working and always listens to his constituents. No doubt he is the best candidate in the race.

Stan Webber

Questions for Mr. Galvin:
1. Why were you banned from teaching at any Florida public school? Why are the records of this sealed?
2. How do you address the rumors concerning your suspiciously close ties with troubled teens from the youth center you frequent?


Kewl! Go Scott go! Woot!


I went to high school with Scott Galvin. One day I forgot my lunch money, and he bought me lunch. When I paid him back the next day, he smiled and said "glad to help.". He's got my vote.

max sturman

Scott Galvin is one of those rare politicians - North Miami Councilman - who serves because he truly cares about all of his constituents and who enjoys the challenge of resolving daily issues and improving life in his City.

Evan Ross

Scott Galvin is not just a white man. He is not just a gay man. He is the right man for the job. The color of his skin has no bearing on his ability to represent this community. He is a tremendous public servant. And he will represent ALL the residents of District 17 equally. Scott does not look at the residents of this district as black, white, Haitian or anything else. He looks at them as human beings (as we all should). Scott will do a great job for our community. He has my support, and I hope he has yours too!

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