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Crist on Rubio: "greatest fraud"

Gov. Charlie Crist is hitting back at his U.S. Senate opponent Marco Rubio, telling the National Review Online that the former House Speaker and Tea Party favorite is the “greatest fraud perpetrated on people,” especially conservatives.

Crist insists in the NR report - a rebuttal to Rubio's article yesterday -- that he is not going negative; he's just being honest.

“I won’t go negative in this race, that’s not my nature, but by the same token, I will not let [Rubio’s] façade continue,” Crist says. “When this guy calls himself the real conservative in the race, I’ve got to point out that it’s the opposite. If you look at the expense reports from his GOP credit card, it is easy to see that he’s not conservative, but one of the most irresponsible spenders I’ve ever seen. He talks about how we need to spend less in Washington, but he sure seems to like spending other people’s money.”

“I’m a true-blue Reaganite Republican,” Crist says. “To think this guy is close to that, if you look at his record, is silly. It’s just a matter of people doing their homework, and I think the real education is just beginning."


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Rubio is running for Governor of Florida..Crist is now in charge...personally I have cancelled my plans to visit Marco Island this year...I refuse to spend my time and money in a state where Barbarians are allowed to torture, beat, starve and illegally butcher horses and other animals. I am not the only one.....the word is out and enlightened folks are paying attention....hope Rubio realized he is now under the microscope and many of us are searching for proof he supports this illegal(s) business. Who gets to eat the diseased flesh from these animals, Miami diners????? Disgusted with Florida yet again.

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