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Crist says 'back waxing' is a 'trust' issue'

Thanks to Gov. Charlie Crist, a new term -- back waxing -- entered the lexicon of the U.S. Senate Republican primary with Marco Rubio. But actually, Crist said, the thanks (or not) belongs to us.

Asked where this back waxing issue came from, Crist said, "I think I read it in Adam Smith's column." In the Buzz column, Smith suggested that for a $135 at the salon would buy "not just a deluxe cut ($25), but also a pedicure, and back and eyebrow waxing."

In his remarks after the Cabinet meeting, Crist appeared animated and excited to talk about the topic. For him, it is a fissure in Rubio's image as a fiscal conservative and straight-talker.

"I don't know what's going on there," Crist said of Rubio's various explanations of the $135 charge. "It's a new answer every day. It's frustrating to you all and to me, this guy can't get his story straight."

So the campaign for U.S. Senate is reduced to this?

"The issue is trust," Crist said. "It puts a fine point on the issue. The issue is whether or not people can trust the speaker to spend their money wisely, I mean, clearly they can't."


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Wendy Green

I'm trying to think of anyone, besides Mrs. Rubio, who might care about Rubio's back hair (or lack thereof.) So far, no one comes to mind.

Will Crist start speculating on whether Rubio has a Brazilian next?

Saint Petersblog


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