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Crist swipes at "Porkus Rubio"

Gov. Charlie Crist took a swipe this morning at his Senate opponent, former House Speaker Marco Rubio over this story concerning the $250 million in earmarks Rubio had inserted in the budget, despite his campaign persona as a no-earmarks kind of guy.

“It sounds like a Porkus Rubio to me. That’s a lot of pork. That’s a lot of money. And that’s why it’s nice to be able to, when you get elected governor, have a veto pen," Crist said.

But is Crist really being fair? Of the $25 million in Rubio-related earmarks, Crist vetoed only $3 million of them. Asked if he were complicit in the porcine nature of the spending, Crist steered his comments to disgraced former House Speaker Ray Sansom's budget dealings:

“You do the best you can in the office that you’re in. When there are projects that you think are worthwhile, you let them go. If there are projects that you think are not, you try to stop them. And then there are projects that get kind of get buried in the budget. Nobody finds out what they are until you guys report on them, like what went on in the Panhandle."

Crist made his comments at a ceremonial bill signing to delay the unemployment compensation tax hike. He's flying around the state to promote it, though he signed the bill March 2. Wonder how much the flyaround will cost? Also, can't help but notice the unemployment numbers come out today, so this is a good way to step on that "still-losing-jobs" headline.