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Crist vs. Rubio: The showdown is on

And how: (catching up after technical difficulties): Marco Rubio accuses the Obama administration of looking to "chip away" at everything that's great about America and says Charlie Crist won't block 'em.

"This is not about and not about you," Rubio says to Crist. "But about watching the country being fundamentally redrawn. I will stand up to that agenda and everyone knows you won't."

Crist fires back, immediately accusing Rubio of misspending political contributions and seeing public service as a path to "personal enrichment."

Rubio calls the allegations false, says it wasn't taxpayers money but "money raised for advancing a political agenda and that's what it was spent on."

Crist suggests Rubio is unworthy of voters' trust: "If trust and confidence aren't relevant I don't know what is," he says of his broadsides on Rubio's spending.