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Debbie Wasserman Schultz breast cancer bill passes -- in the health care bill

A breast cancer awareness program for young women that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz  championed was included in the health care bill that President Barack Obama signed into law.

DwsThe provision was originally introduced as the EARLY Act in March 2009 and it directs the Centers for Disease Control to develop a national education campaign to increase awareness of the threats posed by breast cancer in young women.

"As we build a healthier America, we can now start to ensure that all young women have the tools and resources they need to practice good breast health and detect breast cancer early," said Wasserman Schultz, who introduced the bill when she disclosed her own fight with breast cancer. (Photo courtesy Wasserman Schultz)

Republicans have decried what they see is a package cobbled together with sweetners to lure votes and Wasserman Schultz -- who has long championed health care reform -- laughed when asked if the provision was required to obtain her vote.

"They had me at 'Hello,' " she said of the health care proposal.


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sal yongers

They had her at hello because like obama and pelosi and reid, Wasserman schultz is an idealogue bent on turning our republic into a socialist society run by an elite few.


That is wonderful news. Finally something is done for young women as I am a young breast cancer survivor myself. I was mis-diagnosed at 28 and wasn't properly diagnosed until after I delivered my first child at the age of 31. I am an advocate for young women today.


response to sal:

Good! I want my leaders to be smart, elite and savy. Look what happened when dumbya was selected to office. We're still cleaning up the mest. Shut yer rightwing pie hole jerkoff.

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