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Debbie Wasserman Schultz on McCollum: "Nothing more than politics"

The U.S. House's chief deputy whip calls Bill McCollum's lawsuit against the health care law "nothing than pure politics.

"It's a stunt to boost his campaign and a waste of taxpayer money," the Broward Democrat said on a conference call organized by the Democratic National Committee. She called the lawsuit's conclusion, "sloppy legal reasoning" and notes it didn't cite any case law.

"It will never be successful," she said, suggesting health care law opponents are "grasping at straws, trying any way they can to obstruct progress."


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Solomon Cohen

Dear Congresswoman Shultz: You refuse to address the Healthcare Issue on "Facts". Instead you try to generate hysteria and un warranted emotion. When will you address the issues? Your history reflects that you are in constant spin of Issues. Florida State attorney General McCollum will win. You look and sound like a spoiled child stomping and screaming because you are affraid you won't get your way. Why don't you try to engage on the issues? The "Trust" will set you free!

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