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DMS 'kill bill' included in Senate budget

The bill to blow up the Department of Management Services and distribute its functions across state government is scheduled for a vote in a Senate committee this week. The bill would also blow up Sen. Carey Baker's general government budget -- but he's ready. He's got the various changes in his proposed budget in case the bill finally becomes law.

Baker said the change would save $3.1 million. It would also create a brand new state agency: the Department of Personnel Management.


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More waste by people who have no clue.

Raymond Longaray

Any time you create a new agency you increase expenses.


The steering commitee needs to look in to privatizing the LASPBS/OPB functions Systems Design and Development(SDD), TRW, etc....and all the support group of people, that is wasting even more money than DMS.
Start from your own house first.

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