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Do Marco Rubio's AmEx bills matter?

Hell yeah, says Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen, who writes, "He goes to bed the golden boy of the New Right, and wakes up just another phony with a $134 haircut.'' Column here.

Much ado about nothing, says U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, who writes, "This entire AmEx story is a ridiculous sideshow, manufactured by Charlie Crist's campaign in an attempt to smear Rubio.'' Column here.


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it matters since it defines character...it is not the amount of the charge; but the fact that a charge occured in the firt place.
To Rep Miller... wonder if his view of the issue would be different if he were not supporting Charlie Crist's opponent.


of course it does. It shows his lack of judgment and sense of entitlement.


why is the herald chasing people away with that registration page? I'll just read the Times. Same stuff.

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