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Enviros bash Obama over oil drilling

Mark Ferrulo of Progress Florida has this to say about President Obama's plans to open up more areas to gas and oil drilling:

"Offshore drilling, especially drilling as close as 4 miles from Florida's Atlantic beaches, tastes bad no matter which president from whatever party is serving it. The President's support doesn't change the facts, expanded drilling won't lower gas prices and it represents a dirty and dangerous activity that risks catastrophic damage to our beloved beaches."

And from Environment Florida's Adam Rivera: "Environment Florida is outraged by today's announcement on offshore drilling.  It makes no sense to threaten Florida's coastline with spills and other drilling disasters when the Obama Administration is about to unleash the real solutions to oil dependence -- cleaner cars and cleaner

The ocean conservation group Oceana calls it the "wrong direction for U.S. energy policy, given a worsening climate crisis caused by increased global emissions of carbon dioxide.

"“We’re appalled that the President is unleashing a wholesale assault on the oceans," said said Oceana senior campaign director Jacqueline Savitz. "Expanding offshore drilling is the wrong move if the Obama administration is serious about improving energy security, creating lasting jobs and averting climate change."


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