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Fidel Castro and stem cells. Yup. Rivera's the House budget chief

Miami Rep. David Rivera, chairman of the House budget, has again inserted language in his chamber's proposed budget that would restrict the use of tax money by colleges "to to implement, organize, direct, coordinate, or administer, or to support the implementation, organization, direction, coordination, or administration of, activities related to or involving travel to any state, country, or nation designated by the United States Department of State as a state sponsor of terrorism."

Translation: No Cuba travel. Rivera has for years crusaded on all things anti-Castro, which pays political dividends back home where he's now running for Congress in a Republican-drawn district, HD 25.

The other bit of proviso is more straightforward. It says that state money given to colleges and universities "shall not be used to support embryonic stem cell research."


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David way to go!

Maybe one day those who promote (or are indifferent) regarding ESCR will do their homework.

Besides being morally indefensible as a means to an end; scientifically ESCR has been a complete failure. They have had no successes with emmbryonic stem cells for medical cures, not one. All successes for cures, every single one, have been with Adult Stems Cells which do not kill human life.

Additionally, SCR is not the business of the state or Federal government, but private enterprise, and certainly not with taxpayer money.

David Rivera will make a great U.S. Congressman. Florida needs men who are principled and have the fortitude to speak for us in Washington, D.C.

Medical Advice

I hope more budget will be given to researches like this one for the benefit of cancer patients.

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