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First the back wax, now the pedi

Gathering signatures to get his name on the Senate ballot may be hard work -- at least on the feet.

Roll Call's Heard on the Hill says it "applauds a man who’s man enough to indulge in some springtime grooming. Kudos then, to Rep. Kendrick Meek, who got a pedicure at the Capitol Nails salon Thursday night. The Florida Democrat didn’t seem embarrassed at all about his need to get his feet tended to, arriving at the popular salon in a suit with two staffers in tow. He sat in a pedicure station near a window overlooking Massachusetts Avenue, where the passersby included plenty of Hill aides, says an HOH spy who witnessed the exfoliation session firsthand. Meek, who’s running for Senate, asked one of the fellows with him whether he had ever had a pedi. When the staffer answered in the negative, Meek joked, 'You never forget your first time.' "

Asked on a conference call about the pedicure, Meek laughed and said it was a relaxing Thursday, "especially after such a long petition effort. It was a good deal. And I paid for it."

Male grooming became a running staple of Florida's Senate race after Marco Rubio's state GOP credit card statements included a $133.75 charge to a Miami barber. Speculating about what kind of services his Republican rival purchased, Gov. Charlie Crist suggested "maybe it was a back wax."

Rubio has said it was a hair cut and items that went into a silent auction.


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How the politicians spend their personal money is of no cocnern or business of the public; however, the personal grooming of politicians is not a matter to be paid for by either political campaing funds or party funds. I am certainly NOT a supporter of Meek, Rubio or Crist. I've been a registered and voting Republican for over 38 years; but I "vote for the man, not the party". It appears that I've been somewhat forced to become a quasi-Libertarian of sorts. heck, I personally don't want to vote for ANY of these "career politicians" who all seem to work mostly for the elitists ultra wealthy corporate special interests ... they just give lip service to the public to "buy their votes". When are the American people going to wake up and demand real changes in our political parites? (Probably never though ... The masses of the citizens have always been bought off easily by their political leaders. The Roman Emperors evaded uprising by passing out bread and paying the citizens ("entitlements") to "buy the peace and their complacency.) People have the government that they deserve." If they tolerate corruption, then they deserve to suffer the consequences of that. The chances are that the public will never change enough to get these problems addressed.


Another diversion from real issues. How come nobody talks about Crist's fake tan? Is it sprayed or does he use a tanning bed? His fake color complements well his overall fake facade. Give me a real person like Meek or Rubio anyday.


Does Boehner have a real tan? Hell no!
Can Charlie Crist get a natural tan like that? Hell no he can't!

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