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Former Rothstein attorney wants press booted from depositions

Newspaper reporters have been allowed into the depositions of key figures in the Scott Rothstein bankruptcy case shedding new light on what happened at the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler firm. Now one former lawyer from the law firm is trying to keep reporters out.

Steve Lippman's attorney Patrick Scott filed a motion for an emergency hearing today seeking to keep the press out of his April 2 and 9th depositions. Lippman was sued by the bankruptcy attorneys last year who are trying to recoup about $4 million in loans, bonuses and expenses from the former RRA lawyer.

"...the press and the public do not belong in the deposition room,'' states Lippman's motion. "The court file and the courtroom are public forums. Depositions are not. ... Even if the public's taste for details of other people's lives has so developed that the press wishes to report things to the public that the plaintiff himself does not believe are necessary for the court to hear, the public's appetite is not a sufficient reason to allow the distraction and intrusion into personal privacy."

If relevant information surfaces from the depositions, then the bankruptcy lawyers will post that information in public court records, Lippman argues.

Lippman's motion notes that the press even wrote about the "fortification" Rothstein's defense attorney Marc Nurik brought to the deposition (it was a Powerbar, fig newtons and a box energy drink.)

The Berger Singerman law firm, the main firm handling the bankruptcy case, is expected to file a response soon.