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House Democrats give GOP straight F's

House Democratic lawmakers issued a mid-session report card for the Republican leadership. And like you probably guessed: straight F's.

The subjects: restoring public trust, improving education, helping small businesses and the middle class and putting the people's priorities first. In the area of job creation, the GOP received a charitable "incomplete."

Standing next to a report card poster, Reps. Keith Fitzgerald and Ron Saunders lamented (or possibly whined) that the House GOP isn't hearing any Democratic ideas or legislation. Instead, they are pushing tax cuts for corporations, keeping the budget process secret and waging an attack on public employees, specifically teachers. 

"They are vilifying hard-working, middle-class people," Fitzgerald said.

Saunders said Democrats wouldn't become the part of 'no' like Republicans in Washington but suggested the caucus would vote against the state budget unless changes are made.

"We have our ideas but you're not hearing them because they aren't getting agenda-ed," Saunders said.


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Apparently the Dem's don't realize that the Republican led Legislature meets only to collect "campaign contributions" (sic. bribes), eat lots of free meals paid for by lobbyists, fall on their knees before the All Powerful Oz (AKA Barney Bishop of AIF) and to punish those The Great Jeb sees as his political enemies. When they get bored with these they rearrange a few deck chairs, mostly be dumping the old, infirm, young, sick and disabled out of them.

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