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House dismisses rules complaint against Saunders

An rules complaint against state Rep. Ron Saunders, a leading Democrat from Key West, was dismissed by the House Rules Chairman Bill Galvano this week.

Tea Party activist James K. Barnes filed the rules complaint and two ethics complaints against Saunders earlier this month.

Galvano said the complaint was insufficient because it wasn't made under oath, didn't meet time limits and provided inadequate evidence.


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James Barnett

Sorry Mr C, but once again your reporting missed the marc big time. Despite your best efforts to make a mountain out of a prairie, this nonsense by Jake has been exposed for exactly what it is: more of the same, Tallahassee party bosses attempting to pull the wool over voters eyes and replace an honorable legislator with their own incorpetent lackeys who vote against the best interests of Floridians.

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