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Is Broward GOP leader going to take on county mayor?

For months, Broward GOP chairman Chip LaMarca has been contemplating a bid against Democratic County Mayor Ken Keechl and it looks like he's very close to making a decision.

On Tuesday morning LaMarca posted this message on Facebook: "Chip LaMarca is pondering a big decision."

Many of his friends asked what he plans to run for while one joked: "order the steak."

"I hope to have an answer within a week," LaMarca said in an interview Thursday.

LaMarca said he met with Keechl earlier this week.

"I had a two-hour meeting with him on Monday,'' LaMarca said. "He described to me the finer points of why I shouldn't run."

LaMarca, a Lighthouse Point City Commissioner, will have a huge hill to climb in terms of fundraising: Keechl has raised more than $300,000. But Keechl is ripe for a challenge after facing criticism over his campaign spending including paying $3,100 a month to rent a campaign office from his partner. The district leans slightly Democratic now but was held by Republican Jim Scott before Keechl.

Expect a partisan battle. Keechl is the county's first openly gay mayor and gay activists will rally around him while many Republican activists will help LaMarca.

If he decides to run, LaMarca will likely step down as GOP chair but he wouldn't talk about a likely replacement.


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Not only will he have a need for major fundraising, but this district has gone from +1% Republican in voter registration 4 years ago to a +5% Democrat today.

I'm not sure how LaMarca thinks he's going to do better today than Jim Scott did 4 years ago with a $500,000 coffer.

BREC Member

Run, Chip, Run! You have been a solid leader to the party.

Richard DeNapoli would make a great BREC chair! (note: this is not Richard)

Richard DeStupidi

Richard is an anorexic idiot that is hated among all that attend BREC.


LaMarca should run against Stacy Ritter...He would win easily!


Chip is one of the most well meaning, pro active guys in politics. The County needs him.

GOP girl

Chip is great- Richard Not so great.


what's about Chip's Business lawsuit? anyone looking into that


Richard Di Nothing is a twit who would make an even bigger mess of BREC than even Tynan did.


DeNaps is the haps. He would make an effective BREC chair.


Richard puts the time in to get things done, we need someone who will be dedicated

anothe BREC member

Of course ricky has the time. He has no friends, dumped his girlfriend last summer and all he has left is politics. Feel sorry for the guy but then again, you can't act like you know it all and treat people the way he does.

Former BREC member

Some restraint should be shown in posting this drivel and airing out dirty laundry and private squabbles in public. Good Lord.

Howard from Broward

What about Sharon Day for BREC Chair?

Ken Set

I have personally known Chip LaMarca for quite a while, He gets my vote and my financial support.

Ronald Reagan

Come on people. Rule 11 anyone???

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