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Jeb tells Crist: sign property insurance deregulation bill

Jeb Bush waded into the property insurance debate today in an interview with the Associated Press. The former governor endorsed a measure to allow property insurance companies to offer unregulated rates, subject to annual caps on average increases.

Bush told AP that the renewed effort -- after Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed a similar bill last year -- is necessary to help companies better capitalize in the event of a major hurricane and hopes the governor signs it. Since his successor took office, Bush has been critical of Crist's property insurance mindset.

He suggested Crist should give the law a good look because lawmakers addressed most of his concerns from last year.

Crist appeared before a Senate committee last week to tell lawmakers not to pass the legislation, sponsored by Sen. Mike Bennett and Rep. Bill Proctor.


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Dear Jeb:

You're not the governor anymore. So have a Coke and a smile and STFU.


The People of Florida

Sue Germain

Republicans don't work for the People of Florida, or for the People of the U.S., they work for corporations. They work health insurance companies, home insurance companies, auto insurance companies, and any other big corporations that want to screw the public.

We the People


Exactly. Has anyone else had enough of Jeb?

jo Lewis

To; People of Florida commenter
This is something you need to know about Florida's Crist hurricane insurance - There is not enough in the pot to cover everybody if there is a BIG One. Christ said last year, in that event, every homeowner in Florida, regardless whether they have their own insurance, will pay for the damage the State Ins. cannot pay for. If you don't want to pay for your neighbor, you should get on with Bush's suggestion.

Bill Newton - Florida Consumer Action Network

As if Crist would listen to Jeb, who is backing Crist's opponent.

Our insurance companies are still ripping us off, but Citizens is at least giving them a little competition. Why isn't Citizens included in the dereg bill? Why not REALLY take the gloves off?

We all end up paying when there are disasters, one way or another. Maybe you give to the Red Cross, or the state gets federal disaster aid. Maybe you shelter at your church, or move in with family members. Insurance monetizes and facilitates those tranactions, and make it easier to get through.

But when the insurance companies get too greedy, and don't do the job, we have to do it ourselves. Why didn't State Farm leave Florida? They're making money, and lots of it. Half of what they take in goes to their parent company, according to testimony at the Senate Insurance Committee last week.


Wouldn't deregulation allow the insurance company's to raise our rates through the roof? Why would our leaders allow such a travesty? Maybe the object is to break each and every one of us until we get on our knees and say, "yes sir, may I have some more."

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