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John McCain: I'll campaign for Charlie Crist if he asks

Arizona Sen. John McCain told The Hill he’d be "glad to try to help" out Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in his Senate race but he hasn’t been asked.

"Crist is in a tough primary battle with former state House Speaker Marco Rubio (R) for the state’s open Senate seat," the newspaper wrote.

"Sure, I’d be glad to try to help him," McCain said in an interview, adding that Crist hadn't yet asked for help.

The paper notes that "Crist and then-Sen. Mel Martinez (R) gave McCain a critical endorsement in the waning days of Florida’s GOP presidential primary in 2008 that helped McCain win the Republican nomination."


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Saint Petersblog

National Review blog: "Crist really is one of the worst governors in the US, if not the absolute worst."


barbara in tacoma

McCain should worry about his own seat. This man does.nt even know what he votes for. I would not want McCains endorsement.

Saint Petersblog

Salon: "Only an act of God can save Charlie Crist's campaign.'


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