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Kendrick Meek: Ready for the Republicans

Hours before he'll drop off thousands of voter signatures at elections HQ, Kendrick Meek got a few minutes of TV time, telling the hosts at Morning Joe he's ready for either of the dueling Republicans. But he dodged the question of which one he'd want to face, saying "I know I'm better than both the candidates...whichever candidate (GOP primary voters) vote for we'll be prepared for.

"They're talking about personal issues between the two of them, we've been addressing the issues that are facing Florida," Meek said of the battling Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio.

Asked about polls that suggest he's "down significantly," the Miami Democrat suggested two polls show him within single digits of Rubio. "We're focused on making sure we get the vote out..."

And asked whether he believes the "nasty" GOP primary will be to his benefit, Meek said: "I believe that Floridians are paying attention to what's going on and don't like they're hearing," he said noting Rubio's suggestion that raising the retirement age for Social Security has "got to be on the table." Crist panned the proposal.


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