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Kendrick Meek urges caution on offshore drilling

From Kendrick Meek -- who has distanced himself from President Obama lately on a few issues:

"The bar for drilling off Florida’s coast needs to be raised higher than for other states. Ending our reliance on foreign oil, researching alternative green energy sources, and exploring domestic supplies of oil and natural gas is critical, but the cost for error in Florida is greater than it is for our neighbors. Florida’s economic
well-being is tied into the success of our tourism and fishing industries, and the preservation of our beaches.  Our military’s readiness and training ability cannot be compromised at the expense of drilling for an unknown quantity of reserves. The damage potential to Florida, a hurricane-prone state, of offshore oil drilling could be
immeasurable. Today’s announcement on energy security and independence requires serious consideration and study as questions remain unanswered, but caution must trump expediency."  



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