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Kendrick Meek's debate review

The Democrat hoping to challenge one of the Republicans for the Senate seat calls it a debate "between two feuding rivals who put their personal, petty disputes ahead of the needs of hardworking Floridians.

"We didn't hear solutions to Florida's problems today, just more ideological rhetoric that does nothing to reverse the greatest economic meltown to affect Florida families in generations," Meek said in a statement issued almost before the event was over. "Our unemployment rate is climbing, while other states are on the road to recovery, and Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio are talking about non-issues of no concern to everyday people. Floridians want leaders to guide our economy from recession to recovery, not status quo politicians who fight with each other instead of fighting to make our state prosper again."


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Who's Kendrick Meek?

Saint Petersblog

Video from Crist vs. Rubio debate on Fox News.


Betty Howard

From; Betty Howard.
All Charlie Christ Is Doing. Is Taxing The
People In Fla. To Death. Is There No Limit?
& Is He Just Tax Hungry. Why All These Taxes?
We Didn't Put The State In This Mess. When Is Enough. Enough? But Just Wait Untill Election
Comes Up. There Will Be Some Clearing Out Of The Gov-State-Senoter's.


hes a friend of obamas and not a nice man

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