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Lincoln Diaz-Balart: The Democrats are incompetent

Lincoln Diaz-Balart told MSNBC he's leaving the House because "I feel it's time. It's been the honor of my life... I've been able to do important things. I never thought I'd be here for life, so I leave with a sense of duty fulfilled."

The Miami Republican says he doesn't buy the buzz that government is broken -- only that Democrats are incompetent.

"What's happening now is incompetence and trying to ram through things that the American people don't want," he told MSNBC's David Schuster who is spending the week interviewing retiring members. "It's not that the government is broken, it's that the majority is acting in an incompetent way."

His one regret: voting for term limits. He says he's leaving "of my own free will, unopposed," and believes "the people should be able to decide how long their member of Congress should serve."


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david lajes

Please, retire ASAP.

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