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Lincoln Diaz-Balart lavishes praise on the Obama administration

The retiring Miami Republican offered rare words of praise Wednesday for the Obama administration, saying he's been impressed with its response to the earthquake that leveled Haiti.

"We have here a lot of partisan differences and debate," Diaz-Balart said at an earthquake briefing for Florida lawmakers. "But with regard to the response of the Obama administration, all decisions and actions should be commended. I think all Americans should be proud of the way the administration acted from the first minute. All actions and subsequent decisions I commend."


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Lincoln, just leave . . . fankly, you can't leave fast enough for the good of our country.

If only you could or would just resign and leave tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough. After following your voting record, it shows that you are one of the "tenured" Congressmen who was working for the benefit of the special interests groups too.

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