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Marco Rubio airing TV spot

It's a "significant" buy on Fox News in all major media markets. Why so early? "First is to let voters get to know who Marco is, what he believes and why he's running,'' said Rubio adviser Todd Harris. "And the second goal is to be the first campaign out of the gate to establish what the race is about. Marco Rubio believes the race is about bringinging conservativeleadership to Washington to take on President Obama and Congressional liberals. As we've seen over the last several days Charlie Crist thinks this race is about attacking Marco Rubio and climbing the political ladder. The third goal is to introduce marco to voters before the Charlie Crist false attack ad machine gets up and running."


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Saint Petersblog

PPP poll: Rubio 34%, Crist 27%,, Meek 25%, if Crist runs as independent.


Larry thorson

Full of non sequiters, false choices and fear -- America will fail! Please Miami Herald, start listening to what Rubio says and ask if there is any content. Well, he loves his kids...

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