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Marco Rubio campaign disses Crist and offers Meek a compliment, sort of

Responding to Gov. Charlie Crist's request that Kendrick Meek drop his support for the health care bill, Crist's rival for the GOP primary says the governor is "either forgetful, or he’s hoping voters are.

"Just weeks ago, Charlie Crist insisted that President Obama's costly health care take-over should not be scrapped," said Marco Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos. "Now Governor Crist wants Floridians to believe he's a credible voice against the policies of Washington Democrats. It's too little, too late.

"In the end, neither Charlie Crist nor Kendrick Meek can be trusted to stand up to Barack Obama and his policies," Burgos said. "But Kendrick Meek at least deserves some credit for being honest about it.”


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I am not a Crist supporter but now I am also not a Rubio supporter either. He's just more of the same. My friends told me he was the real thing but thats just not true. He is so full of himself and a fraud. i sure wish someone else would get in this race.


Nope! That's it! Make your choice.


Mr. Outrage.....is not what we need in tallahassee


You mean Washington...

Seth Platt

Well Marco you are wrong again. Why just yesterday Democrat Kendrick Meek criticized the Obama administration’s ‘undiplomatic language’ to Israel. Kendrick has always stood up to bullies like you. He is the only candidate with the political will in Washington and the courage to fight for the average Floridian.

Saint Petersblog

Marco Rubio citing bogus study in criticism of Health Care Reform.


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