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McCollum hires lobbyist pal to sue over ObamaCare

Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum said yesterday that his lawsuit to block Congressional health reform has been handled in house. But now it looks like he has hired an old friend to help out, David Rivkin. A former Reagan-era Department of Justice lawyer, Rivkin's not just a co-author of an early anti-health reform article (more here). He's a lawyer at the firm of Baker & Hostetler, which hired McCollum for the few years in between his politician jobs as Congressman and state Attorney General.

McCollum and Rivkin appeared to have lobbied together before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the DOJ on behalf of Federated Investors in 2006 (more here) The issues: Banking. Wait, isn't his Democratic opponent for governor, Alex Sink, supposed to be the one too close to the banking industry?


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Stay out of it McCollum!


God Bless McCollum. I'm tired of America turning more communist every day.


So what's the point?

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