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McCollum under fire for health care lawsuit, 'sweetheart' deal

CFO Alex Sink blasted Attorney General Bill McCollum on Monday for using Florida tax dollars to file a lawsuit against the health care legislation.

"He seems to be obsessed by Washington politics and not really acting in the best interest of Floridians," said Sink, a Democrat. "It's unfortunate that he's using taxpayer money to file a suite on behalf of the people of the state of Florida when in fact this legislation is going to provide help for many, many Floridians."

Sink contended McCollum, her GOP gubernatorial rival, was "playing party politics" and objected to his questionable contract with his former business partner, David Rivkin and Lee Casey with Baker and Hostetler. She suggested he should have opened the contract bidding to other law firms, as his legislative priority concerning contingency fee contracts would mandate.

"Certainly that's not appropriate in a situation like this," she said. He should have sought proposals "as opposed to providing sweetheart contract to someone he is very close with."

McCollum dismissed the suggestion.

"We hired the best constitutional lawyer possible in David Rivkin," McCollum said. "I have known David Rivkin for a long time. He is an excellent constitutional lawyer."

A spokeswoman for McCollum's office said Florida is paying Rivkin part of a fee split among the dozen attorneys general who filed suit. The fee is $250 an hour but Florida's portion is still undetermined. Here's the contract, which puts a cap of $50,000 on the bill.


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Bill McCollum running For Govenor..
thinks National Health Insurance Federal Legislation "Is Unconstitutional".... an intrusion of Federal Government into State matters...

Florida Today has 12.5 PerCent Unemployement!

McCollum IS A Hipocrite Unless as Attorney General He Also Sues "To CANCEL Social Security and Medicare MANDATORY Federal retirement and health Contributions, as well as and Benefit Payments Of All FLORIDIANS"!

McCullom has "A Mandatory State of Florida FREE Pension and Health Insurance that continues after he leaves Stae JOB" and continues until he Dies. Give IT UP!

Perhaps, like Govenor Perry of Texas..... He's Thinkin o' Seceedin"?


I for one support McCollum's lawsuit. The NHC legislation was simply passed with too many earmarks, which were nothing less than Bribery" to buy the votes of arious politicians. Not one word has been uttered about addressing the draconian and explotive exorbitant prcing by the pharmaceutical indstry which is the root cause of a substantial portion of medical insurance premium increases (coupled with a reduction of coverage), and is PRINCIPLY responsible for the exorbitant costs of hospital fees and charges, and increases in general healthcare. Then add to that that thePRECEDENT that all Americans will have to pay fof medical insurance; this is a total travesty; and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Even the IRS Codes don't make you pay taxes if you don't earn taxable income. It is no longer "FREE" to live in the USA; you will have to pay meidcal insurance whether you want to pay that or not. And how do they linkthis into a tax on "investments" if your income exceeds a certain amount? Then there are all of the corrupt earmarks ... this is just toally wrong. They should have taken the time to rationally work out a reasonable healthcare progem; and clean up the existing Medicare and Medicaid systems ... and all of the existing MASSIVE FRAUDS with these programs. The USA will NEVER be the same country as before. Just wait and see what happens; this is the true beginnings of socialism in our country.

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