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On red light cameras, House R's diverge

Republicans in the House are lockstep on many issues, but it seems red light cameras aren't in that mix.

Rep. Robert Schenck, R-Spring Hill, wants to ban (via HB 1235) red light cameras as intersection traffic enforcement tools. But Pro Tempore Ron Reagan has competing legislation (HB 325) that would expand the use of red light cameras and create a more uniform system of enforcement and penalties.

Red light cameras have long been hotly debated, with lots of back and forth about whether they are an effective deterrent, whether they represent "too much government," etc.

Reagan held a press conference with the widow of Mark Wandall, who was killed in 2003 by a driver who ran a red light, urging passage of his bill.

"This is about public safety," Reagan said. "This is about giving our law enforcement an additional tool to save lives. Cameras are here already, and they are here to stay. This bill will establish a uniform standard throughout the state."