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RPOF funded Chris Dorworth mission to Vegas

Vegas-welcome There were a lot of intriguing charges on the Florida GOP credit card wielded by former executive director Delmar Johnson, including the $748 charge for state Rep. Chris Dorworth at The Palazzo Las Vegas - and $1,132 in air fare - when Charlie Crist was there raising money for his senate campaign. Former state GOP chairman Jim Greer, a good friend of Dorworth's, also went to The Palazzo but his tab was $1,120..

"I was requested to attend a series of finance meetings in Las Vegas by the RPOF.  I attended per their request,'' Dorworth, the House Speaker-to-be, explained in an e-mail.

Did he also attend Crist's fundraiser at the Palazzo? What kinds of finance meetings? "Finance meetings were obviously meeting with potential donors. It is my policy, and from what I understand the policy of the RPOF, to not comment on the circumstances of our finance events. I did stop in the governor's fundraiser, but to be clear, that fundraiser was not my reason for being out there.

"As you I’m sure you can imagine, many donors who contribute to the RPOF, also contribute to other Republican candidates. When you have several donors in town for a particular event, we often try to set up finance meetings to discuss contributions to the RPOF. The Party requested that I travel to Vegas to attend those meetings with RPOF donors."

Weird that when we asked about Greer travelling with Crist during that October fundraising trip out west, the party said at the time that the chairman was paying his own way.


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So now the political parties credit cards have obviously become the means by which politicians manage to use campaign donations for their personal benefit, right? I for one, will not contribute a dime to either the Republican or the Democratis Parties for this type of personal use/benefit of these corrupt politicians. And they try to hide behind the "confidentiality" of who the potential contributors were that they were trying to "wine and dine". Doesn't the IRS Codes require that such expenditures be noted as to who was involved, and "what legitimate purposes" the expenditures were for? If businessmen have to document this information, why would or should politicians not have to do the SAME?

How do these politicians think that they are "above the law and the IRS Codes"? Full disclosure should be required regardless of what the "policies" may have been conveniently contrued to be.

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