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Rubio calls Crist's pork comment 'hypocrisy'

Gov. Charlie Crist's labelling of Senate opponent Marco Rubio's earmark spending as "pork" looks like revisionist history to the Rubio campaign. It just sent out a letter from Crist to Rubio where the governor lauded Rubio's biggest appropriation: an $80 million University of Miami genome project.

In a press releast the campaign says "Crist’s hypocrisy was on full display today when he attacked Marco Rubio for so-called “pork” spending on projects that Crist himself supported and approved.  In addition, Crist’s claim to have vetoed the so-called “pork” spending is laughable considering the fact that he supported close to 98 percent of it.  In fact, Crist even sent Rubio a letter saying how “thankful” he was to be able to support one of the projects he now labels as “pork.” "

Download Letter-from-Crist-to-Rubio



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The Shucking Chuckles Titanic just plows ahead full steam through the campaign sea thinking all that money he raised will save him from ramming into suck icebergs.

If he were smart, he'd put his campaign into hiatus during the Legislative session, quit gallavanting around for photo-ops and collecting checks, and focus on governing for the people.

Then kick off the campaign again during his veto period, killing the bad stuff the Legislature comes up with.


What about the report that Rubio purportedly was paid $25,000.00 PER MONTH as a "consultant" to JMH? Is that true, and how long did he receive such payments? And most importantly, where is the "work product" and the value of what he was purportedly paid for? (I don't support Crist either.) Rubio's "history" doesn't appear to match his claims of being a "conservative"; he appears to just be another one of those well connected good ole boys. We definitely do NOT need his type in our government any more. It's time for change to more ethical candidates, isn't it?

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