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Rubio calls Everglades deal a 'bailout' and 'bonanza' for Crist pals

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio had this to say about newspaper reports critical of Gov. Charlie Crist's proposed land deal with U.S. Sugar:

This deal is nothing more than a massive taxpayer-funded bailout for a top Charlie Crist campaign donor and a profitable bonanza for Crist's inner circle.Once again, Charlie Crist has put his political ambition ahead of the people of Florida, and once again the results are disastrous for taxpayers. In fact, this bailout plan is the second most expensive photo op Charlie Crist has ever staged. Charlie Crist's bailout plan will require higher taxes and increased debt, and it does nothing for the Everglades. In fact, it actually halts real restoration projects started by Jeb Bush, which were already underway.Charlie Crist simply can't be trusted to go to Washington to fight massive government spending because, more often than not, he's the one proposing it.

UPDATE FROM CRIST CAMPAIGN:  Marco Rubio is being supported in this campaign and in previous campaigns by Florida Crystals Sugar company, who is the number one opponent to this Everglades restoration purchase.  What else would you expect from a lobbyist who is bought and paid for by special interests?